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You're part of more than a century of Cal Poly learning tradition that dates back to 1903, when English composition, physical geography, history and government became key courses on the newly-established California Polytechnic campus.

We hope you'll log in to PolyLink often to 
look up old friends and classmates in the online directory, and share your expertise with the next generation of Cal Poly Liberal Arts graduates in the PolyLink Career Center. Be sure to check and see if any of the Cal Poly clubs or sports teams you were active with while here on campus have set up their PolyLink pages and bulletin boards yet, or search PolyLink for alumni in your area. Take a moment and see where the College is focusing its efforts on improving its future offerings

A Little History

You may be a College of Liberal Arts alum and not know it yet. The college and its current departments have had a variety of names over the years.

They include the Science and Humanities Division (1940s); Liberal Arts Division (1951); Arts and Sciences Division (1956); Applied Arts and Applied Sciences (two divisions,starting in 1962);  the School of Applied Arts (1969); the separate Communicative Arts and Humanities and Business and Social Sciences units (1970); the School of Liberal Arts with a separate School of Professional Studies (1986); and finally the College of Liberal Arts, in 1994.

But a rose by any name still smells as sweet (ask an English major...) and along the way CLA and Cal Poly's "learn by doing" philosophy have created the amazingly strong programs that exist today.

CLA's internationally-known Graphic Communication Department just celebrated its 60th Anniversary (1946 to 2006) and the Mustang Daily celebrated it's 100th (1916 to 2006).

Cal Poly's Music, Theatre and Dance programs now have a world-class Performing Arts Center, including the 500-seat Spanos Theatre and the 1,300-seat Harman Hall in the Christopher Cohan Center.
The college -- and its alumni -- are thriving.

For Fun

Though they aren't part of the PolyLink community, you can click here to visit the award-winning Mustang Daily -- written, edited and printed entirely by students. KCPR, the  student-run campus radio station, hit the airwaves in 1968. Now CLA is home to Polyvision, student-produced web newscasts.