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Alumni: Get On the Map


Find Cal Poly alumni around the world in new interactive PolyLink map

Ever wondered how many Cal Poly alumni live in your area, and if you know any of them? Now there’s an easy way to find out, thanks to PolyLink ( and Google Maps.

alumni map on computer monitorMore than 14,000 alumni are already on the map in PolyLink, Cal Poly’s free, private, secure online network for all alumni, current seniors, and a growing number of faculty and staff.

The new Alumni Map shows red “pushpin” dots for alumni members of PolyLink. (Down to the postal zip code level only – no alumni street address information is displayed on the map.)

You can find it at - if you're a PolyLink member.

To use it once you've logged in and landed there: Zoom out, and you can see red dots representing alumni all over the world.

Drill down, and you can see red dots representing alumni in the nation, region, states, cities and towns.

At the zip code level, click on an interactive red dot and a window will pop up with an interactive list of all PolyLink alumni living within that zip code (plus their profile photos, if they have any).

You can click on the names of alumni on the list to view their PolyLink personal page, see their profile information and photo albums, send them e-mail, and more. All new PolyLink alumni are added to the map as they join – and hundreds join every month.

Remember, only PolyLink alumni can see the map.

Not in PolyLink yet? To get in, you will need your personalized first-time login ID code. The code helps make sure only real Cal Poly alumni access PolyLink.

Polylink Map of the World

If you are alumni, click here to receive your first-time login ID code via e-mail.

Scroll to the bottom of that e-mail message to find your code.

For illustrated instructions on how to use it to get into PolyLink, visit

Already a PolyLink member? There are two ways to get there. Login with your regular username and password. You’ll land on the ‘Welcome to PolyLink’ page.

Scroll down and look for the “Alumni Map” group and graphic link in the Groups box (underneath the university news headlines).

Click on the "Alumni Map" graphic link, and you’ll get to the map.

Or, go to - you'll be prompted for a log in, then you'll land on the map.

Check in to watch the PolyLink Alumni map grow every month.

Alumni Note: If you're a Cal Poly alum and you have never received an e-mail invitation to PolyLink containing your first-time login code -- it's probably because Cal Poly does not have your e-mail address. You can subscribe to Cal Poly's monthly e-newsletter (free) to update your contact info and receive your personalized code in next month's e-newsletter mailing.

Or you can update your contact information on the Cal Poly Alumni Association web site. All alumni can use that form.